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Hi my name is Viv, thank you for checking out my website. I believe in a healthy body and healthy mind for everyday quality of life – if you are looking to be a champion body builder or an elite athlete then perhaps this isn’t the site for you – however, if you are one of millions who want to look after their body, to endeavour to stay active and mobile for as long as possible then you have come to the right place.

Training with me involves full body workouts designed to be fun and effective. The techniques I use involve everyday movements that are functional and suitable for most. I offer all my techniques via class or private instruction. Private or One-to-one training allows programmes to be designed specifically to suit your needs, whereas attending classes gives you the added social element.

My classes are on the border of Wiltshire and Dorset – mainly Tisbury, Hindon, Motcombe and Gillingham. I also provide personal instruction in and around these areas

I teach Pilates techniques in a class format or personal sessions and offer Personal Training using a variety of techniques and equipment.
I take a weekly stretch class “Simply Stretch” which is exactly that – a class of simple, specific and effective stretches for the whole body.
I am a qualified instructor for “Healthy-Steps” – a therapeutic exercise and movement programme designed for those who don’t want a high impact class and sometimes need to sit down whilst exercising!
I am qualified in massage that includes soft tissue work which may use a combination of stretching and massage. I fuse deep tissue work with hot stones for a luxurious feel whilst relieving tight muscles.

As we all get older it seems to get harder to stay in shape (well, the shape that we want to anyway!). Unfortunately, this is fact – our body shape changes, our metabolism slows down, our lean muscle slowly disappears and we are left with a laying down of fat in places that we don’t want it. You do not have to accept the consequence of this. Do not ignore your fitness levels – if you don’t use it you will lose it! You may consider that you have already lost it – but it’s not too late. Everyone can feel the health benefit of being fit and active – but we do need to apply some effort. Someone once said to me “You don’t stop exercising because you get old – you get old because you stop exercising”. I can’t remember who it was and I apologise if it’s misquoted but I totally believe it. If you give up – your body gives up and your mind gives up – you’ve given up your quality of life.
I don’t offer bootcamps, I don’t offer humiliating training, I don’t offer any quick fixes – I offer to show you basic ways to train your body and mind using effective techniques that you feel comfortable with. I can provide functional effective exercise to suit your ability, your mood and your goals. Choose from Land-based or Water workouts, Pilates techniques, training outside with Nordic Walking. I offer all these either via classes or via Personal Training. As a personal trainer I also offer resistance training and cardiovascular training as well as core stability training.

Call me to discuss the type of training that can help you stay fit, active and healthy – 077 614 516 56